Monday, November 2, 2009

I just love kids.......

As most of you know, I am involved with the kids at our church as much as possible! I co-teach 2-5 year old Sunday School, Help as much as possible with mom on Wednesday Nights, and the past month I've been on the Praise Factory team. And I'll admit, going from SS school when kids can barely carry on a conversation, to kids that dish out sarcasm more than I do, has been a real treat!

Yesterday, MT got up to "try" to explain the Trinity to about 15 kids from K-3rd! He picked Caitlyn F. to stand up and went through the whole "She's one, a daughter, two, and sister.. and three a student...

and without missing a beat Aaron B. says ( and before i go on, he was sitting beside her, they're friends, and this did not phase Catilyn at ALL, and she got him back later, no doubt)

So as MT was Finishing up "three, she's a student"
Aaron B. chimes in... Four... she's annoying!!!!

I couldn't do anything but laugh... Thought I'd share a laugh with you guys!

Sorry about the "hit and miss" bloggin' I've been doing.. I"ll try to get better... and catch you guys up on some fun facts in my life!

Halee Renee!