Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Week's update!

This week's been busy busy! So since I haven't blogged in forever, i'll play catch up as best as I can!

Rewind to last Friday. MT took me on a surprise date! I think often times I take his sweetness as the "norm", but he goes out of his way to "sweep me off my feet" everyday! We've been dating for aroudn.. 5 months and still he's planning surprise dates (remember back to July 3rd, he surprised me on our first date by taking me to Ruth's Chris, fancy, i know.. i felt special) but, I kinda feel like I don't brag enough about the sweet surprises and caring things he's STILL doing, i love it! My thoughts and from past experiences tell me most guys only "try" for the first couple months, three tops, but MT's a real life prince charming! He swept me off my feet in June, and hasn't put me down yet. (I hope he never does!) Anyways, so enough of the mushy stuff, bet you just wanna know where we went, wellll.. he took me over to Avondale to a place called Espeto's, it's a brazillian steak house, much like the one i brag about while visiting Brazil back in '05! Here's the art of this place, it's owned by brazilians, so it gets done right! You are first seated, they take your drink order, and you then help yourself to the "hot" bar, (which includes a salad bar) and there's hot beans and rice, pasta salad, soups... all the good side items, not meats on the bar. As you sit and enjoy your sides, waitors carrying swords (yes real swords) bring around 14 different meats to try, from lamb, to ribs, peper and garlic steak, and the list goes on! They give you small portions of meat so you can try them all! It's different and enjoyable! It's up scale avondale, but I would def.  recommend it! Tasty!

Saturday, MT and I headed to Yulee to do a little "shopping", can't elaborate on this quite yet.. so i'll leave it at that! =)
We lazied around the rest of the day, visiting with his family, enjoyed the beautiful weather, played bag-o, and as night fell, laid out a big blanket and watched the stars and planes. (MT lives like 10 mins from  JI-Airport, we laughed, cut up, and enjoyed time together! That's my second time star gazing ever.... very special, and again super sweet!

Sunday was spent at HFBC and Mama and Pa Seeley's house. Our pastor, Bro. Wayne, laid it down again. This time on prayer, he left me with a lot to chew on, and I love his challenging messages! Don't ever "not" pray for something because you think it's "too big" or "too out of control or our hands"... God's got big hands, he can handle anything, and pray with meaning and be presistant, God loves to be bothered with blessings! =)

Monday night is our "doubles" date with my roomie Laura and her beau Will, we go play tennis at some local courts, good exercise, and lots of fun, i look forward to Monday Night Throw Downs!  It's another work week, and another time of battling my schedule. Me and MT have started our Bible Study of reading the NT all the way through, MT challenges the study by bringing out discussion questions from scripture, it's so challenging and so good for me!

If you've hung in through the whole post, then thanks for reading! I wanna leave you all with a favor to ask! Prayer for direction: hince my road sign, i'm at that point where i'm ready to finsih school, but i don't even have my major picked yet, and so many good things are happening and I'm Thankful and anxious to see what all God as in store according to his will for my life! I won't get into specifics, but that's my biggest struggle right now.. Direction of where God is leading me..... =)

(Gasp for breath) I'll end with just a few parting words/ picture!
MT sent me a random text message today, and a picture say 1,000 words, or maybe just 3! How sweet is this, dont you just love random displays of kidness? Do you have any to share? Love mushy things like this!!

Halee Renee

Monday, November 9, 2009

First Gator Game.. (crazy I know)

After almost 21 years of being a Gator Fan, MT finally took me to see my first game! I can't explain how my heart was pumping as i entered the swamp full of about, oh, 90K people wearing Orange and Blue, almost enough to make any true Gator Fan tear up! I was super excited, super pumped, and ready to "get my chomp on". As charming and sweet as MT is, he's a Noles fan... (sad.. i know!) but he was sweet enough to bring my Fav. little cousin David along. (i say little, he's 16, but he'll always be little to me, even if he is inches taller) I'm a firm believer that my cousin stalks each Gator Player, as he knows EVERYTHING about them.
I was alittle.. ok, a lot stressed out before the game, because it was my first game, G-ville was packed, and we didn't even have tickets, we bought them off the street! But MT never fails me and we had awesome seats 15 rows up for the South End Zone! Awesome because Tebow warms up on that end of the field, and 2 touchdowns of ours were scored right infront of us! I can check "Seeing Tebow play at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium" off my list! I loved the atmospher and can't wait to go back! Sad thing is, part of the deal is that I have to go to Doak in two weeks. Wonder if I can get away with wearing Blue or Orange? We'll see....

Below are some pics from the night.. Enjoy, and above all GO GATORS!!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Costume jelewery or pearls? hmmm....

This week has been one "reflective" week for me, not real sure why, can't think of a particular thing that triggered it.. just has been! I have found myself Indian style on the floor looking through High School Pictures, seeing old friends, old traditions, old memories.... makes me think that even though I graduated 3 years ago, that life has changed dramatically! Take for instance, as i was getting ready for work this morning, I was digging through my "neat clean" jewelry box with all types of fun interesting pieces of jewelry to go with my outfit, and decided on my pearls my grandmother gave me! Don't ask me why pearls made me feel "classy", because if this was school, my "pumps" would match my costume jewelry, would match my hair bow, my belt, purse, etc.... and not in the most dull colors either! .... I love my pearls, but wouldn't have dreamed of wearing them 2 years ago.. Small I know, and I know I'll go right back to my costume jewelry, but it just caught my attention that i chose pearls!! Guess it's just what I'm favoring now.. hmm... Any of you ever noticed small things that have changed or matured? My necklace decision was of course small.. but as i examined my life "since" high school, i notice a huge 180 change!

Which isn't a "bad" thing, just something I've pondered on... I found myself now making decisions and planning for things and realizing.. Wow, I must be getting old... Life has gone so fast since the memory i have of learning how to ride my bike, starting middle school, homecoming, proms and so on. It feels good to move from that stage, and leave some of those memories in the past. God has cleared a different path for me to go down, and I'll follow that where ever he leads me! He's blessed me and amazed me this past year of where my life was in January to where I am now! I live on my own (never thought that would happen), dating the Love of my Life, (he's a real life prince charming.. they really do exist) and growing spiritually everyday! I've learned "life long friends" are fewer than i thought in high school, bills exist and come way to often if you ask me, and the SALE rack at Target is my new "name band"... forget AE and A&F... and payless here i come.......

I just pray as I continue "growing up" I'll be a strong woman of faith and make those decision hand in hand with my creator!

One thing that I'll never move on from is my family! I love my family more than they know, and even my extended family is a little crazy, i love and look forward to Thanksgiving... and hey, who knows I might even wear my pearls!!

Halee Renee

Monday, November 2, 2009

I just love kids.......

As most of you know, I am involved with the kids at our church as much as possible! I co-teach 2-5 year old Sunday School, Help as much as possible with mom on Wednesday Nights, and the past month I've been on the Praise Factory team. And I'll admit, going from SS school when kids can barely carry on a conversation, to kids that dish out sarcasm more than I do, has been a real treat!

Yesterday, MT got up to "try" to explain the Trinity to about 15 kids from K-3rd! He picked Caitlyn F. to stand up and went through the whole "She's one, a daughter, two, and sister.. and three a student...

and without missing a beat Aaron B. says ( and before i go on, he was sitting beside her, they're friends, and this did not phase Catilyn at ALL, and she got him back later, no doubt)

So as MT was Finishing up "three, she's a student"
Aaron B. chimes in... Four... she's annoying!!!!

I couldn't do anything but laugh... Thought I'd share a laugh with you guys!

Sorry about the "hit and miss" bloggin' I've been doing.. I"ll try to get better... and catch you guys up on some fun facts in my life!

Halee Renee!