Monday, November 9, 2009

First Gator Game.. (crazy I know)

After almost 21 years of being a Gator Fan, MT finally took me to see my first game! I can't explain how my heart was pumping as i entered the swamp full of about, oh, 90K people wearing Orange and Blue, almost enough to make any true Gator Fan tear up! I was super excited, super pumped, and ready to "get my chomp on". As charming and sweet as MT is, he's a Noles fan... (sad.. i know!) but he was sweet enough to bring my Fav. little cousin David along. (i say little, he's 16, but he'll always be little to me, even if he is inches taller) I'm a firm believer that my cousin stalks each Gator Player, as he knows EVERYTHING about them.
I was alittle.. ok, a lot stressed out before the game, because it was my first game, G-ville was packed, and we didn't even have tickets, we bought them off the street! But MT never fails me and we had awesome seats 15 rows up for the South End Zone! Awesome because Tebow warms up on that end of the field, and 2 touchdowns of ours were scored right infront of us! I can check "Seeing Tebow play at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium" off my list! I loved the atmospher and can't wait to go back! Sad thing is, part of the deal is that I have to go to Doak in two weeks. Wonder if I can get away with wearing Blue or Orange? We'll see....

Below are some pics from the night.. Enjoy, and above all GO GATORS!!!!