Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend... the best ever!

OUR VIEW FROM THE DRIVE WAY!!! ( This view just makes me think... We have an awesome God and Creator!)

(WARNING: this post may end up a pretty lengthy post! )

This Labor Day Weekend was by far the best Labor Day I've ever had! Hands Down!!! I, of course, had Monday Off, but I snuck in a extra VACA day and took Friday off as well! Thursday after work, Mr. and Mrs. Tallman, MT (Michael) and Myself headed up I-75 towards Helen, Ga! After a few tire problems on the jeep, and a few bathroom breaks, we arrived safe and sound at our cabin at 2:30 a.m.!!! No worries though i slept most of the way! ( We did Karaoke in our car til' atleast 11:30..
"Slide" by the Goo Goo dolls was our favorite.. hands down!) After a long night's sleep, we kick started our weekend fresh and rested around 11:00 Friday!

I must say my favorite time of the whole trip was Breakfast every morning! The four of us sat around the table discussion "Table Talk" articles, and Mr. Mike read a prayer every morning! It was just good times and I loved it! It was spiritually growing, and I'm so thankful for our time together! The whole Tallman family is a HUGE blessing, and answered prayer in my life!!

Most of Friday was spent around the Mountain House! I met the Grandparents! (Who I love) Mrs. Jenny (or Nanny Tallman) made a delicious dinner and then when ended the night with a loving friendly game of poker! Mrs. Yvette killed the guys, I just assisted her! (check my facebook mobile updates for pictures of her stack of chips compared to the men... it's awesome! She was too funny!)

Saturday morning, we headed out to every woman's true dream! We tour the Southern Living Model Home! This particular house was designed by a young lady who was 27, and i loved her taste, and the house was HUGE! I'm only posting a few pictures of the house, cause there were so many things I loved, the master bed and bath were my absolute favorite so I included the pictures!

Saturday Evening was spent a Turner Field! We headed out for our now regular "Saturday Night Double Date" with his parents! This was my first MLB game, and the experience was awesome.. we sat VERY high up in the stadium, but our view of the field and Atlanta's skyline was breath taking! (more so because I'm not to fond of heights.... but, I got kinda used to it...) We had such a good time! They even had a fireworks so after the game! Weather up there couldn't have been more perfect! Not to hott not to cold, just like i like it! =)

Sunday we went to church with his Grandpa... (papa Tallman).. and busted out the Old Baptist Hymn Books.. so fun! And the Pastor (Bro. Drawdy) was ordain right down the road from my home church in Hilliard, Fl... SMALL WORLD! We all packed up and headed to LongHorn from lunch!!! (soooo goooddd!!!) And Sunday Afternoon MT took me into Helen for a "Date Night"... we ended up playing some PuttPutt.. which he beat me.. but that's ok.. I still love him! ;)

All in All, I DID NOT want to come back Monday...... to say the least! But Michael wanted to watch the FSU game.. (hahahaha.. and they lost.. good stuff!!)... and then it was back to work on Tuesday.... I hope we get to go back soon!

Sigh.... we'll there it is...... it was such a relaxing time and I really enjoyed myself!


GirlB300 said...

I am so happy for you Halee!! You two are adorable! I love seeing you guys serving the Lord!!

Kasey said...

Loved this post, what a great way to spend the long weekend!

Garrett Conner said...

Any time w/the Tallman's is time well spent!

Halee said...

I totally agree Garrett!