Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Work all Day, Party all Night! VBS 2009

( I wish I could start posting pictures, sad thing is, i lost my camera battery, and haven't managed to get a replacement yet... but pictures will hopefully follow!)

This week has been pretty tiring! Work from 8 am til 4 ( no breaks in between this week), then straight to the apartment to change, and only getting better as I hit the Fuller Warren at 5 o'clock to head back to Hilliard.... (cause we all know there's no traffic to fight crossing all four lanes.... sigh...) to VBS from 6-8.. One would think it couldn't even be enjoyable being rushed and burned out all day, to teaching VBS to a bunch of kids when it's 100 degrees outside.. but actually my heart has been blessed this week. And i look forward to my crazy day ending with a great group of young kids, eager to learn about our Savior! It truly is a blessing. About a year ago I started teaching Sunday School to the 4 and 5 yr olds at Hilliard First Baptist, and lost my heart to that group of kids... actually to ALL the kids in our nursery, but when asked to help teach 2 graders I jumped at the chance to switch things up, and help out with the Children's Dept.! And I'm so glad I did! Don't get me wrong, I'm going through some nursery with drawls, and I miss hearing the "Hey Miss Halee" from those sweet little voices.. but I've really enjoyed these second graders the past couple nights! The VBS staff at HFBC has really done a great job in reaching out to these kids and making sure they are having fun while learning about Christ Jesus and His apostles! We' have a good number of kids this year and a lot of new faces, it's been a amazing to know we're establishing a very important foundation in this kid's lives! I pray every day God's everlasting Love will be poured out on these kids, and that they'll see it reflected in each worker's life. They're the next generation of disciples that will do His work for the kingdom, and the hunger in they're hearts this week has really touched me deeply. How intent they are as they listen to the study, and how fast their hands shoot up when we ask a question..blows me away, and i'm overwhelmed with joy! I wanted God's loved reflected in us, but God's shown me not only that, but that His Love is shinning through these kids too! We're here to teach them, but if we sit back and watch, we can learn quite a bit from them also! I'm so thankful to be apart this years VBS, and I'm continuing to pray for a awesome week, and a amazing work to be done in these kids lives!!!! Pray with us and for us as we minister to the surrounding communities families and friends! God's at work... and just like our theme "It all comes back to Jesus"!

Halee Renee


GirlB300 said...

Thank YOU Halee!!!

The Libby's said...

Thank you! We love that you have a heart for our kids. It is great knowing that when my little man is in the nursery that he is being loved!!!

monica said...

I have to tell you the funniest story...after VBS on Tuesday night, I asked Lincoln what Mrs. Kristen taught him about that night. He preceded to tell me about Simon/Peter. Brandyn piped in and, I learned about Peter Parker too! (a.k.a. spider man) I had to inform Brandyn that the Peter in his class was a story from the Bible...not spiderman's Peter Parker. LOL! We are all LOVING VBS and all of the helpers too! Thanks Halee!